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Our rotating gallery showings allow the public to meet local artists and support their work.

The mission of the Printed Gallery is to enable artists to create limited edition prints of original artwork on the highest quality materials to feature in your home.

We have a dedicated gallery space for local artists to showcase original works.

Nov. 3rd 6PM-8PM

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The Printed Gallery art shows will feature a rotating roster of local artists. This month's featured artist is one of our favorite patrons, oil painter Dustin Neece. Alongside Dustin, we will also feature work from some of the Printed Gallery team artists. 

Our goal is to create a space in the Metro West area where artists can congregate, talk about art, and socialize. We can't wait to see you on November 3rd! 


Date: November 3, 2022

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: 18 Lyman St. Suite 90W Westborough, MA 01581

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Dustin Neece

Southborough, MA

Oil Painter

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Dustin Neece is a classically trained artist. After studying with Hopkinton based impressionist painter Jaime Alfonso and traveling to London to study with the renowned figurative painter Israel Zohar (The official portrait artist of Princess Diana), Dustin completed his painting “The Bowler (Self Portrait).” This piece won him nation-wide recognition in the Scholastic Art Awards in 2002. “The Bowler” received the highest honor for oil painting in the country and was hung in the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. 

Dustin went on to study the arts at Rhode Island School of Design. During this time, international art collectors in New York and Israel discovered his work, recognized his talents, and began collecting his paintings full time. These partnering art dealers purchased, for three years, every painting Dustin created. Their investment now resides in New York City.

Upon completing his university studies, Dustin was an assistant of Odd Nerdrum, who is quoted by Andrew Wyeth to be “the greatest living painter.” At Nerdrum’s homes in Norway, Iceland, and France Dustin refined his craft with a living master.

Today Dustin works as a full time professional artist. 

His public commissions include a memorial painting for Iwo Jima survivors entitled “Honoring the Spirit” which is now in the permanent collection of The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico VA, and a commemorative painting of Rick and Dick Hoyt for their 30th running of the Boston Marathon which is now in the private collection of The Easter Seals of Massachusetts.

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2013 Dustin Neece The Grist Mill.jpg


I used to think the concept of ‘finding your voice’ as an artist was a silly idea.

I remember being in a gallery of Odd Nerdrum’s work several years ago, when a New York intellectual came up to one of his paintings and said: “Well, they are obviously well painted, he has some skill... but what is he trying to SAY?” 

I thought to myself: “He isn’t trying to SAY anything... Art isn’t about what you are trying to say, it’s about what you can do.” 

At the time, I judged his paintings to be nothing more than a demonstration of painterly ability. 

That was all I was focusing on, so that was all I saw...


It was appropriate for me then, because I had to hone my skill. It was important for me to be solely focused on technique, on process, on HOW he made the images that he made, and was able to achieve the masterful results he did. 


I’ve now come to understand that my obsession with his work over all these years, has not been simply about what he can DO... it is about more than just the PHYSICAL part of the process. 

What I have learned is that his paintings come from INSIDE him. They are, in fact, a way of speaking. He is, indeed, SAYING something. 


When we communicate with each other, we use symbols which we have agreed upon to create images and understanding in the minds of others. 


Words, speech, and symbols reveal inner states. In this way, they are a kind of psychic link between two people. 


I believe that the striving I witnessed as a student of Odd Nerdrum’s, and the yearning I feel within myself to actualize my full potential as an artist, is actually:

The desire to manifest outwardly, in a physical form, internal dimensions of experience.

There is a reason an artist spends so much time honing their skills: painting from life, observing nature, and attempting to craft the most perceptually REAL visual experience on canvas that they can.

This training is for the “Main Event” - It is training for the purpose of being able to create ‘bridges’ between the inner and outer world. 


This is what I intend to focus on now. 

It may not be all I ever do or think is important. 

But it is what holds the most excitement and matters most to me as an artist right now.

I want to USE MY VOICE. I want to make paintings that come from within... and connect within. 

I hope they will RESONATE with you.

My upcoming show with the Art and Frame Emporium will highlight the very beginning of this new direction of striving for me, as well as several landscapes created ‘en plein air’ over the past several years. 

I hope you will join me for the opening reception. 



Printed Gallery

Every piece of art in the Printed Gallery Artists Catalog is available for purchase. In addition to purchasing prints, you can frame and mat your newly purchased artwork with us here at the Art and Frame Emporium.​




Check out our framing

Print Sizes 

We only print art on the highest quality Giclée Rag cotton paper. 

Giclée is fine art textured matte paper that is acid-free, archival quality. We use a 305 gsm paper weight.

  • 16x20 $66

  • 20x24 $99

  • 24x36 $180

All print sizes are approximate, we will never crop the original artwork.

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Ed Turner
Trisha Shaw
Dustin Neece
Beverley D-P
Jim PAlace
J Palace Actual Anchor
Adam Barber
Jo Joseph
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