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Jennifer Behymer

Jennifer graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor's degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology, but has primarily worked in art related positions including: teaching art, painting murals, designing and painting theatre backdrops and sets, starting and directing an art gallery, and participating in art fairs.

From 2010-2015, Jennifer taught Art K-12 at a school in Missouri specialized in working with children with behavioral disorders.


After moving to Massachusetts in 2015, Jennifer made the decision to pursue classical art training in both drawing and painting at the New England School of Fine Art with instructor Jo Ellen Reinhardt. She also mentored under ARC Living Master Tina Garrett.

Jennifer is a member of the Portrait Society of America.

Drawing Class Schedule

• Thursdays - November 17 - December 15th

   (No class November 22nd - Thanksgiving)

$100 for all 4 Adult Drawing class sessions

• $100 for all 4 Teen Drawing class sessions 
• 4 class sessions total

• Class Limit 8 students


The classes are first come first serve and they fill up fast. To guarantee a reservation please pay as soon as possible. You can pay by phone or in person.​


18 Lyman St. Suite 90W

Westborough, MA

Teen Drawing     3:30-5:30

Beginning drawing for teens. An introductory class in drawing fundamentals and techniques. Students will be introduced to strategies to improve their drawing skills and increase their confidence in finding the correct proportions and measurements in their drawings. Students will work individually on drawings in an open studio environment where they can choose subjects that interest them.


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Four sessions in graphite.



Graphite (pencils) H - 9B

Kneaded eraser

Tortilliions - Blending stump

Sketchbook - 9 x 12

Adult Drawing    6:45-8:45

Drawing strategies and techniques to help improve drawing skills. Appropriate for beginners through advanced. Students may work in graphite or charcoal according to their preference.

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Four sessions in graphite.



Graphite (pencils) H - 9B

Kneaded eraser

Tortilliions - Blending stump

Sketchbook - 9 x 12

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Retail: $37.87

Class Discount: $30.00

  • Graphite (pencils) - 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 2B, HB, H

  • Kneaded Eraser

  • Tortillions - Blending Stump

  • Sketchbook - 11 x 14

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Ed Turner

Ed Turner is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, class of 1990.

He has been a professional illustrator since graduating RISD. He has freelanced for Warner Bros, Houghton Mifflin, Horse + Rider Magazine, Bagdon Advertisers, NEADS World Class Service Dogs, Paul Mitchell, and the US Dressage Foundation.

Ed is the founder of Art Lessons on the Rotary and owner of the Art and Frame Emporium, both in Westborough. His art is displayed at the Art and Frame Emporium today. Come by the store to see more!

He is an expert in Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oils.

Classes are taught exclusively by Ed Turner. Register today by signing up below.

Watercolor  Class Schedule

Online Watercolor - Beginner  7:00pm-9:00pm

• Every Wednesday

• Live Online via Zoom

$25 for each class

Beginning watercolor class for all ages. An introductory class in watercolor fundamentals and techniques. Classes are held live online via Zoom. Watercolor kits with all the essentials are available for beginner classes.

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Pre-Recorded Zoom Watercolor Classes

• Set of 5 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

•10 Hours of Instruction

$125 for the 5 lesson set

Your instructor, Ed Turner, is a RISD professional painter who shows how to enjoy the basics of watercolor painting. The set covers secrets and techniques, materials, and basic how-to paint with watercolors. Utilize wet-on-wet, salt, and masking material to master your own paintings. Watercolor kits with all the essentials are available.

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In-person Watercolor - Intermediate  7:15pm-9:00pm

• 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month

• Open Studio Style

• In-person at the Art and Frame Emporium​

$30 per all classes

• Class limit 8 students

Intermediate watercolor class for adults. Bring your own project and utilize Ed Turner's RISD graduate skills to improve your work. Join like-minded artists for this fun and engaging class. No supplies will be provided, please bring your own supplies.

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